Interra offers excellent mobile control with touch panel and Interra pro application. With all software, which has been developed mobile-based, all controls are delivered to our exclusive Interra users via mobile, the solution of our age.

Interra mobile software with fast processing capability and synchronized feedback capability also brings concierge and messaging features to your mobile.

From a single house to multiple dwellings and hotels...

Mobile click for documents

Thanks to intercom, you can entertain your guests with audio and video.

Security warnings are immediately transmitted to smart devices.

All curtains – shutters in the house are controlled with intelligent devices.

The desired light level is reached by the lighting system.

Interra, in contrast to operating with all devices, controls the system for you. You can turn off all lights or turn your room into a movie theater via smart devices agency. You can set rules for all devices that are in their place without even leaving your seat.

-Transferring current weather conditions to smart devices.
- You can save energy with air conditioning system.
- Security footage can be viewed with smart devices.

Smart home control, Scenarios
Cameras, Concierge services
QR code reading feature and setting saving
Other Menus (site management, messages, alarm, and settings).